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If our government and laws are truly to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people", legal services must be affordable and available. I attempt to do this by the use of sliding fee schedules based on income and payment plans that are affordable to most. After the initial meeting, I can put together a program that will work for just about everybody.

Before I became a family law lawyer, I directed religious education programs and worked as a district sales manager. While in sales, our company had been sued, and I was fortunate to associate with skilled attorneys and judges who respected the law and each other. That experience, along with the legal process and its ultimate fairness, made me want to become a part of that culture.

Families are the foundation of our society, and family dynamics are the most crucial element of all of our lives. I can think of no law more important than family law. From divorce to child custody, as the parties navigate the various issues which require legal advice and support, I focus on three things:

  1. The children come first.
  2. Two parties cared enough about each other to make a lifetime commitment, or to at least bear a child together, and the pain and damage of resorting to legal resolutions of their issues must be minimized.
  3. Fair and equitable division of property, debts, and other material and financial issues are crucial to the well being and integrity of each party.

If you're in need of a family law attorney who will handle your case and your family with the care they deserve, contact me today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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